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November 2023 Telegraph Ridge Fire Protection District Board Meeting

DATE: November 15, 2023 (note date change)


The November meeting will be held the 3rd Thursday of November (15th) at 10:00 am to avoid the holiday week. The Telegraph Ridge Fire Protection District Board Meeting is open to the public. This meeting will be held via Zoom only, no in-person meeting. (Zoom link is in the agenda)

There is time allowed at the end of each meeting for public comment.

Changes in meeting time or location are indicated on the agenda, as well as a Zoom link if you prefer to attend online via Zoom.

Current district board members are Laura Cochrane, Chair; Moses Danzer, Vice-Chair; Gil Gregori, Treasurer; Whitey Fladen and Linda Hansen.

Agenda is respectfully submitted by Linda Hansen. Please contact us at with any questions or comments, or to request a copy of past meeting minutes.

Thank you!

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