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The Ettersburg Fire Safe Council (EFSC) was founded on May 31, 2022. The Telegraph Ridge Fire Protection District (TRFPD) hosted a community emergency response meeting at the Ettersburg Fire Station and as a result, a group of residents came together to form a neighborhood Fire Safe Council.

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Community Involvement

How We Got Here

The EFSC is a resident-member group with a lead working committee consisting of Tanner Speas, Robie Tenorio, Laurel Radloff, and Linda Hansen. This committee is tasked with creating an organizational strategic plan, business structure, board and by-laws that will support the formation of a board of directors and plan, fund and implement projects to make the greater Ettersburg area safer and more resilient in the case of disaster.
Communication, planning and implementation of the capacity grant requirements are being organized through group email, committee work, and community meetings.
The EFSC functions in partnership with the TRFPD in the mission to make the greater Ettersburg area more fire adapted, hardened and prepared for potential emergencies.
Since its founding, the EFSC organized their first community meeting on October 20, 2022. Agenda included a community review of a recent wildfire in the district, a road sign project proposal in coordination with the County of Humboldt, and a Mattole Fire Atlas mapping review and update in partnership with the Mattole Restoration Council.
Since then the lead committee has met several times to begin developing the organizational structure and brainstorming project needs in the community. The Telegraph Ridge Annual Fundraising Barbecue was aimed primarily on EFSC Outreach and included a Fire Safe information table with educational materials, and a list of potential projects to consider for the future.
Accomplishments to date also include the creation of an Emergency Planning Map with identified neighborhood units, and a resident member database. We are in the process of identifying leaders for each neighborhood to be on the council.
The EFSC enjoys the support of the Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Council, and is collaborating closely with MRC, Trees, and other Fire Departments, Firewise Groups and Fire Protection Districts to organize our cooperative efforts to best serve our shared fire sheds.

Address Signs for Sale at Cost

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Support your local Ettersburg FireSafe Council

Community involvement is necessary to ensure the continuation of our mission!

EFSC is actively seeking volunteer leadership to represent the various "neighborhoods" in the Telegraph Ridge Fire Protection District! Please let us know if you would like to help.

No time to volunteer? Financial donations are also gratefully accepted! (Paypal button below)

Funding is required to finance projects that make our community more wildfire resilient:

"Shovel Ready" Projects:

  • Defensible Space Project w/ County of Humboldt and Briceland Fire

  • Ettersburg Fire Station Prescribed Burn

  • “Post Your Address” program

  • Firewise Community Recognition

Future Potential Projects:

  • Telegraph Ridge Rd to Ettersburg 35’ limb clearing

  • Letter of Support for the RID High LImb project

  • Develop a NEST (Neighborhood Emergency Service Team) program

  • Road and Address assignments

  • Dutyville Roadside Fuel Reduction

  • Emergency Response Resident Training

  • Fuel Reduction Crew Development 

  • Develop CERT Team

  • Chipper Program

We are actively seeking grants to accomplish our goals, and community donations show interest and involvement of the community to the grantors, as well as augment any funding we may acquire.

We can't help you if we can't find you!

One of the challenges faced by the Telegraph Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is finding rural addresses!

  • In the event of a fire or other emergency, is your home clearly marked and accessible to emergency personal?

  • Does signage on the nearest main road help firefighters locate your home?

  • Have you ensured that your home, fire hydrant connections, and water storage sources are clearly indicated on the mapping software used by the fire department?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, please contact Robie Tenorio (, and request information on purchasing and posting address signs!

Upcoming Events

Ettersburg Free Chipper Day

Hi Ettersburg Community,

There is funding available for an Ettersburg Chipper Day. Please consider using this service to help reduce wildfire fuels and create defensible space around your homes. This is a free service: You cut and pile, and the contractor will come to you to chip it free. You can make as many piles as you want. Please stack them butt ends out in piles no larger than 5' tall


You can sign up for this free service here:



Please help us spread the word. This is an important pilot program for our community that we want to help get off the ground.

A Chipper Day will be scheduled as soon as we get a few more people signed up so that it is efficient enough to merit the contractor coming out for a full day.

If you have any questions or need help signing up you can contact Chief Nick Pape at: or Tanner Speas at:

Follow our Journey

Meetings and Milestones


Ettersburg Community Meeting

October 20, 2022

The turnout was great for this meeting. We had over 25 community members attend. Agenda included a community review of a recent wildfire in the district, a road sign project proposal in coordination with the County of Humboldt, and a Mattole Fire Atlas mapping review and update in partnership with the Mattole Restoration Council. 

Southern Humboldt Fire Safe Group provided a Fire Safe information table with educational materials. We solicited interest in forming an Ettersburg Fire Safe Council at this meeting which led to the formation of our current working committee.

EFSC Logo.jpg

CFSC Capacity Building Grant Application

November 16, 2022

Tanner Speas led a group and gathered resources to apply for a California Fires Safe Council Grant in November of 2022.
Our newly-formed EFSC was chosen to receive one of the $20,000 awards in January 2023!
Awarded grants are meant to support capacity building, including salary support, volunteer management, and media messaging and communication development.

EFSC Committee Meetings

March 2023 through July 2023

The EFSC Working Committee convened at least monthly to develop a strategic plan to build EFSC Capacity. Meeting minutes are available below if you'd like to follow the details of our journey.


Ettersburg Community Fundraiser

April 30, 2023

The next step in capacity building was sponsoring a community barbecue in Ettersburg on April 30th, 2023. Over 150 residents and multiple local government and fire safety agencies attended. The media was also present, including local public radio station, KMUD. The food and music were amazing, and everyone had a great time!

With an outreach budget of $1,000, the small EFSC working group successfully coordinated the event, created a logo, purchased display materials, set up, attended, and cleaned up, making the event an immersive interactive success.

Tables were set up and local experts provided fire safety education and information, and actively solicited community involvement. Possible Fire Safe project ideas were mapped out and discussed with the community. Address signs were made to assist emergency personnel in locating remote community members in distress.

New EFSC signups brought the mailing list up to forty-four members. It was clear that event participants, ranging from young families to long-term resident seniors, are interested in creating a healthy, safe and disaster-resilient community that also creates new job opportunities and opportunities for volunteerism.

EFSC Information and Resources

Handouts, Brochures and Services


Address Signs

We can't help you if we can't find you!


Evacuation Checklist 1

Be Prepared! Prioritize!

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Evacuation Checklist 2

Living with Fire!

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